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Launchpad Extra is specifically designed to provide members of BAME communities with long-term limiting health issues or disabilities – who tend not to progress through one-size-fits-all mainstream provision – with a suite of support services not available under mainstream programmes which our research and consultation have shown will be much more effective. 

Launchpad Extra will provide the following activities:-

One-to-one person-centred support from a Key Worker for as long as the beneficiary participates in the programme, providing Individual Career Guidance and support
Life Coach sessions to help overcome issues that are preventing individuals from progressing towards employment
Gentle exercise class to improve levels of fitness and general health, including yoga, aerobics, zumba, pilates 
Pain Management sessions with a qualified Pain Management Specialist 
Life Skills courses designed introducing participants to a marketable skill in an engaging and fun way that whets their appetite to progress into further study or employment in the field
Work placements in the participant’s target field