Ms T.S first visited ATN in 2018. During this time, she was introduced to her Employability Advisor. She also was introduced to a NCS Advisor who she kept in regular contact with, both face-to-face and over the phone.

Prior to this, Ms T.S had never been in employment in the UK and was a lone parent receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance. Ms T.S also needed to update her CV in order for her to start looking for employment.

Following the meeting with her NCS Advisor, Ms T.S was encouraged to take up a Level 1 ITQ Award for IT Users and a Level 1 and 2 in Functional Skills English and Mathematics. As Ms T.S was interested in teaching in the future, she was offered a role as a teaching assistant at ATN. This allowed Ms T.S to gain valuable experience and this also gave her an opportunity to utilise her translation skills. As a teaching assistant, Ms T.S assisted the learners who needed extra support, prepared and marked materials for the learners and she was given the opportunity to manage and supervise group activities. Ms T.S said this role “built my confidence and my self-esteem rose incredibly” and that she “thoroughly enjoyed it and was encouraged to apply for teaching jobs”.

After successfully completing her IT course, Ms T.S began using the internet to apply for jobs and to register with agencies. Ms T.S was invited for an interview for the role of a Nursery Assistant. She attended mock interviews with her Advisor to prepare for the interview. Ms T.S was successful in her interview and was accepted for the role of a Nursery Assistant.

Ms T.S is a great success story highlighting the work done at ATN. Before visiting ATN Ms T.S was a single parent of a young child who had left a difficult marriage, she was unsure as to what to do in order to improve her employability prospects. Through hard work and dedication, Ms T.S transformed her life- physically, mentally and emotionally. She also reached her goal of getting into paid employment. As a result of her positive experience, Ms T.S has said she will always recommend friends who were in a similar position to her to visit ATN and get in contact with an Advisor.

Mrs L visited ATN in July 2018. Prior to visiting ATN, Mrs L was facing many barriers in life including low self-esteem and depression. Another barrier that was effecting Mrs L was her low level English language skills. In addition to this, Mrs L has been unemployed for a number of years and was finding it difficult to obtain a suitable job especially since she did not have a CV. As ATN offers a Skills Support for the Unemployed programme, Mrs L was advised to enrol on the programme where she completed several modules which included Preparation for Work, Customer Service and a Health and Social Care course. Mrs L also successfully completed several courses including Functional Skills Mathematics, Functional Skills English and ITQ. By completing these courses Mrs L improved her self-esteem and became more confident within herself and her abilities. Due to her perseverance and the support she received at ATN, Mrs L had overcome her barriers of learning and depression. Mrs L was also successful in finding paid employment as she secured a job whilst also continuing her learning at ATN.


Ms S.K first came into contact with ATN in June 2018. Ms S.K was looking to get into employment, an updated CV and opportunities to upskill herself. Ms S.K was aspiring to become a Teaching Assistant but was unsure on how and where to enrol on a course that would help her achieve her goal. After having an in-depth face-to-face meeting with an Employability Advisor, Ms S.K was given an updated CV and the skills she needs to tailor her CV in the future independently. Her Employability Advisor also suggested that Ms S.K enrol on a Functional Skills Mathematics course. Since visiting ATN, Ms S.K has now enrolled on a professional course that will result in her gaining the qualifications needed to become a Teaching Assistant. She was also given the opportunity to volunteer as a Teaching Assistant at ATN in order to develop additional skills to benefit her. Ms S.K know believes she has a “sense of direction” following the guidance and advice she received at ATN which has left her feeling immensely positive about her future.

Ms K.K initially came into contact with ATN in December 2017. Since her first face-to-face meeting with her NCS Advisor, Ms K.K. had met with her Advisor numerous times and has been given continuous support. Ms K.K was keen to up skill herself and have an updated CV in order to look for employment opportunities.

Ms K.K had an in-depth discussion with her Advisor, which she found extremely beneficial. She also had undertaken a Skills Health Check and discovered she had many hidden skills. Following her session with an Employability Advisor, she gained an updated CV and the skills she needed to tailor her CV independently in the future. Furthermore, she was advised to enrol and gain a qualification in Level 2 IT, Mathematics and English. As Ms K.K was interested in pursuing a career as a Dental Nurse, she was also given advice on how to secure a voluntary work placement in a local dental surgery.

As a result of contacting ATN, Ms K.K gained an updated CV and she enrolled on a Functional Skills English Level 2 course.  She also gained the sills and information required for her to gain qualifications to fulfil her goal of becoming a Dental Nurse. The experience that Ms K.K had at ATN has proven to be extremely beneficial to her, so much so that she has told her friends to also visit us. Ms K.K said that she would tell those who are considering contacting us that there is no need to be nervous as “the Advisors are very friendly and approachable. They have good listening skills and a lot of knowledge to guide and advise us.” After her experience with ATN and her Advisor, Ms K.K is very positive about her future.

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