We strive to help our clients to fulfil their potential and forge a successful future.
This is achieved with our partners to develop a solid foundation and business strategy so we and they can be successful in delivering the programmes. 
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At ATN we strive to support individuals, employers and businesses through social change. We are passionate about providing services that make a difference to individuals and their local community.

ATN has for many years delivered a wide range of DWP programmes. Delivery is spread across various locations across London, with advisors and support staff at each office.

As a substantial sub-contractor for several primes and a proven track record, with ATN organisations can benefit from:

  • An opportunity to contract with a company respected for its quality, approach, integrity and proven “Sub-Contractor” management experience.
  • ATN's culture of listening, support and understanding.
  • Commitment to building robust supply chains.
  • A commitment to promoting diversity and equality in relation to our own staff, customers via stakeholders across the supply chain.
  • Service Level Agreements, clear contract and mutual commitments and it's adherence.

LSDN:  Apprenticeships

LSDN are a consortium of training providers offering a range of courses and training to provide the skills and training that allow individuals become confident, independent and to reach their fullest potential 

ATN has partnered with LSDN to carry out the Government-funded apprenticeship scheme within the West London region.  

People from 16 years and above can enrol to gain qualifications and experience to realise their full potential.  We are engaging with business owners and managers to offer placements in Retail, Customer Service, Logistics, and Business Administration.

Apprentices are referred to ATN by local Job Centres, community venues, and ATN’s working links.  

Our apprenticeships offer the following vocational qualifications: 

  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in IT User Skills
  • Diploma in Customer Service

Job Centre Plus:  Routes to Employment

Part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Jobcentre Plus provides help for individuals to find jobs and information about benefits to people of working age, training and how to apply for a job.  

ATN’s Routes to Employment programme was developed to support individuals with multiple problems overcome their restrictions, bringing them closer to employment and improving their quality of life.  ATN staff are experienced in providing the understanding that an individual needs during their journey to employment.  Routes to Employment includes classes in confident building and motivation, computer skills, work experience and charity fundraising.  

Big Lottery:  Launchpad Extra

Launchpad Extra is specifically designed to provide members of BAME communities with long-term limiting health issues or disabilities – who tend not to progress through one-size-fits-all mainstream provision – with a suite of support services not available under mainstream programmes which our research and consultation have shown will be much more effective. 

Launchpad Extra will provide the following activities:-

  • One-to-one person-centred support from a Key Worker for as long as the beneficiary participates in the programme, providing Individual Career Guidance and support
  • Life Coach sessions to help overcome issues that are preventing individuals from progressing towards employment
  • Gentle exercise class to improve levels of fitness and general health, including yoga, aerobics, zumba, pilates 
  • Pain Management sessions with a qualified Pain Management Specialist 
  • Life Skills courses designed introducing participants to a marketable skill in an engaging and fun way that whets their appetite to progress into further study or employment in the field
  • Work placements in the participant’s target field

G4S:  Community Work Placements

The CWP programme targets individuals whose primary barrier to work is a lack of work experience or motivation, and who may have spent a great deal of time away from a structured work environment. CWP aims to equip jobseekers with a valuable period of experience in a work-based environment, enabling them to develop the disciplines and skills associated with sustained employment, as well as to move them into employment.

Reed in Partnership:  ESF Workless Families Programme

Since 1998, Reed in Partnership has specialised in programmes designed to break down the barriers to employment that our diverse client groups face.  They have a proven ability to create flexible solutions to local issues, creating a multitude of paths to employment and inclusion.

The Workless Families Programme started in November 2011 and was an innovative programme designed to support holistically the entire family unit, to progress nearer the labour market and into sustainable employment. Reed in Partnership and it's deliver this programme in the East of England, East London, West London and the North West (Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside including Halton).

By delivering the Families Programme we aim to provide a range of specialist support to help clients overcome the difficulties they face when looking for work and improving their lifestyles.

Our support includes:

  • Help finding a job
  • Training courses that'll teach you new skills
  • Special coaching to help you improve your confidence
  • Free debt advice

Ingeus:  Work Programme

Ingeus was founded on the core belief that work is good for the individual, good for the economy and good for society. With the belief that everyone has potential and that, given the right guidance, support and training, every individual can progress and flourish.

Over the past 23 years, Ingeus has helped thousands of people into lasting employment through its programmes. The results do not just benefit the individuals we work with: the results also benefit their families, their communities, their employers and the local economy.

By empowering people to achieve independence through vocational training and lasting employment, it is possible to get results that transform lives.

Ingeus UK is a leading provider of the Work Programme the Government's flagship initiative to tackle long-term unemployment, in addition to a range of other employability programmes.

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