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Adult Training Network Limited, Unit 3, Triangle Centre, 399 Uxbridge Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3EJ

Registered Charity 1093609 Company No 04286151

We strive to help our clients to fulfil their potential and forge a successful future.
This is achieved with our partners to develop a solid foundation and business strategy so we and they can be successful in delivering the programmes. 
Contact us to find out how we can work together to build a better tomorrow.

At ATN we strive to support individuals, employers and businesses through social change. We are passionate about providing services that make a difference to individuals and their local community.

ATN has for many years delivered a wide range of DWP programmes. Delivery is spread across various locations across London, with advisors and support staff at each office.

As a substantial sub-contractor for several primes and a proven track record, with ATN organisations can benefit from:

  • An opportunity to contract with a company respected for its quality, approach, integrity and proven “Sub-Contractor” management experience.
  • ATN's culture of listening, support and understanding.
  • Commitment to building robust supply chains.
  • A commitment to promoting diversity and equality in relation to our own staff, customers via stakeholders across the supply chain.
  • Service Level Agreements, clear contract and mutual commitments and it's adherence.


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