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​The participant was referred to ATN by the Ealing Job Centre. ATN contacted the client and invited her for enrolment. She is originally from Afghanistan and she arrived in the UK in 2009. An IAG was completed with her and during the IAG session she explained that she initially was enrolled on an ESOL course but due to the pandemic she left the programme due to health issues. She was struggling with coping with day to day activities. The CAF programme was deemed suitable for her as it covered elements such Digital Skills, Mental Health and Well being, employability etc. She was keen to enrol on the programme as she felt that the programme met her needs.
She started attending the class regularly and was making good progress. She was coping well in the class. Her mental health and well being improved and there was a significant improvement in her confidence levels too. She was also very keen to enrol on a classroom assistant’s course as she previously had volunteered and had worked as a classroom assistant. She was made redundant and had been unemployed for about 2 years.

She was empowered to progress herself and wanted to get back into work as a classroom assistant. She started volunteering for a local provider. Whilst volunteering, ATN referred her to a free Level 3 Qualification for ESOL Teachers, Volunteers and Teaching Assistants. She successfully enrolled on the course and is working towards completing the programme successfully.

Kamaljit ATN Regional Manager and Atikat Mamaeva celebrating her success in finding a job as a Sous Chef.

Case Studies

Having spent 3 years in the UK since moving from Russia in 2020, Atikat first arrived at ATN in 2021 where she was introduced to regional manager Kamaljit and Jojy. Atikat started with a pre-entry course so that she would understand the basics of English better and then later progressed onto Entry 1,2 & 3 in ESOL skills for life. After improving her English, Atikat then continued to improve her skills by completing a level 1 IT course and Functional skills in ESOL level 1. When arriving at ATN she felt very insecure about herself but this was changed with the help of the teachers and staff who always made sure that she was supported. Since being at ATN she drastically improved her confidence and never had any negative emotions towards herself whilst at ATN. With her now having improved her English and skills she is more open to learning new things and is grateful for all the hard work in which the teachers and staff at ATN provided along with their hard work and professionalism. Now Atikat has been able to find herself a role as a sous chef and was especially thankful to Kamaljit who supported her during her time here and to show her gratitude she baked a cake for Kamaljit and the ATN family.​​

​​​​​Gurleen Kaur

Sobia Haider moved from Pakistan to live in Southall where she has been living with her husband and three children. Sobia joined ATN so that she was able to improve on her English, so that she is able to communicate with her children and help them with school related matters. During her time here, she felt more confident and with the help of the staff at ATN she became more fluent in her English. She enjoyed her time here as the teachers made her feel comfortable and welcome at ATN, whilst supporting her in pursuit of knowledge, as well as being inspired by her surroundings. Since completing her course at ATN she found success in pursuing a career in education working as a tutor at Right Tutors and is delighted in her new role supporting students.​​


Case Studies

Participant B was referred by the Ealing Job Centre to ATN. The client was contacted and she was booked in for an appointment for an IAG so as to determine her needs and requirements. She turned up for the appointment on time. She is a learner of South Asian origin and because of the pandemic her education had been disrupted and she was vey keen to improve herself. She was confused about her future plans and was unsure what she was interested in. The CAF programme was discussed with her in length and she felt that this was a good course to be enrolled on.
She started attending the programme and after a few days she approached the administrator regarding volunteering opportunities in the admin office as she was very keen to look for work in administration. She started her volunteering at ATN by shadowing the administrator and she proved to be punctual, reliable and a quick learner. When her volunteering ended she was offered a part-time position as an administrative assistant at ATN in October 2022.She was over the moon when she started her part-time employment. She was a good team player and her confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

In 2015 Terezia came to the UK from Romania and has been living in the UK for 8 years now. She first came to ATN during 2021 where she was welcomed by regional manager Kamaljit and other staff members Jojy and Rani who made her feel comfortable during her time here. She started with a pre-entry course as she needed support learning English and progressed onto more advance courses within ATN such as Entry 1,2,3 functional skills in English/Maths. Since completing those courses, she has continued her interest in empowering herself and completed her Level 1 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life in May 2023 and has now been successful in finding herself employment as a custodian in Ealing where she supports with the maintenance in an office working 5 days a week. She is thankful as the courses provided helped her change enormously with the help of the ATN staff who she found special to her, as well as being well trained, patient, friendly and extremely helpful. With her coming to ATN and improving her English she was able to seize on the opportunity to better herself and secure employment.​​

​​​​​Terezia Hosciuc

​​​​​Atikat Mamaeva

​​​​​Sobia Haider

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​​​Oksana recently completed an ESOL Entry 3 training course provided by ATN in Stevenage. Oksana chose ATN because the course was a good fit for her language development needs. On the course she enjoyed the level that she was taught at, the teaching style, location and content of the course. She is now planning to continue studying and build upon her language skills in the fields of management and marketing. The course has been very helpful for Oksana, allowing her to understand native speakers faster and more fluently and find a job. Oksana has also noted that the course has removed the communication barrier that she previously had.