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Manley Summers

The Employee Career Progression Route Programme is funded through the European Social Fund (ESF). This ATN partnership with Manley Summers is designed to benefit both the employee and the employer.

Employees are offered relevant support which is designed to improve their skills and their employment prospects. This includes undertaking appropriate training, gaining qualifications, soft skills and individual mentoring which will improve job security and future career prospects for the employee. This programme is for employees who have been in paid work for at least four months (continuous employment that does not have to be with the same employer) and for those who are earning less than £8.77 per hour. An increase in hourly pay rates, more hours of work and progression from a zero hour contract to a fixed hour contract are some of the aims of the programme for employees.

The programme is also designed to be beneficial for employers. By placing staff on training programmes and courses, it enables employers to upskill their workforce, train staff to meet current legislation, improve staff retention and to employ new and experienced staff members.

The programme currently offers training on Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, First Aid at Work, COSHH and Manual Handling. Additionally, staff could also receive accredited or non-accredited training on customer service, administration, team building, IT or other soft skills. Not only can these trainings result in staff developing and progressing in their job roles, but it also allows for employers to have a workforce who have a skillset that is in compliance with Government legislation.

ATN are pleased to discuss and explore options with you regarding the Mannley Summers programme so please contact our team on 020 8574 0795 or 020 8574 9588.


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