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ATN Diwali Celebrations

On the 7th November 2018, ATN hosted a Diwali party for all staff and learners at our Southall centre. This day was not only dedicated to celebrating the Festival of Lights, but also the cultural diversity of the learners at ATN. The learners, and staff, of ATN come from different countries all around the world. Here in the UK we are constantly surrounded by different cultures, food and languages. 

Our Diwali party involved food, music and dance from around the globe and it proved to be a day full of laughter and happiness that will be fondly remembered by everyone who was involved.  ATN will remain dedicated to celebrating these auspicious events and also respect, acknowledge and recognise the cultural diversity amongst us all.

If you are a student at ATN that would like to have a cultural event or festival celebrated and recognised, then please talk to your tutor or a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Eid and Vaisakhi Celebrations

On the 4th of May 2022, ATN organized a joint Eid and Vaisakhi celebration for all staff and students at our Southall centre. Learners and staff prepared delicious home cooked food for the festival to celebrate the occasion. ATN hosts these occasions in order to celebrate the cultural diversity of the student body and to promote mutual understanding and respect amongst learners from different cultural and religious backgrounds. 

 The day was a great success with learners enjoying the delicious variety of food and drinks on offer. It was also an opportunity for learners to meet socially in a congenial informal setting to create better mutual understanding and friendship amongst each other.

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